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Company Charter

  • Asian-based sourcing, manufacturing and inspection of engineered parts and finished products, usually proprietary, for manufacturers, distributors and retailers
  • Product categories include hand tools, hardware, power tool accessories, customized building materials, kitchen and bath accessories, and pet products

ATS selection

Project Initiation

  • The customer and Asia Tech Source sign a non-disclosure agreement allowing ATS to receive the customer’s proprietary information
  • The customer provides approved samples and/or photos, annual unit volumes, written part or product specifications in the form of English narratives or engineering drawings or an inspection checklist which define the appearance, form, fit, and function of the subject part or product identifying any criteria that are deemed critical to quality

Over 400 Sources of Supply

  • ATS locates and qualifies several prospective suppliers for each item that is to be sourced after signing a non-disclosure agreement with each candidate
  • ATS quantifies the quality gap, if any, between the prospective supplier’s expected performance and their current performance
  • If it is determined that a quality gap exists, ATS develops and manages a corrective action work list of improvements in machinery, tooling, process, material, design and workmanship that the supplier must agree to implement before the supplier can be used to quote or produce
  • After supplier qualification, ATS provides a quotation to the customer including unit pricing, tooling cost, minimum order quantity and lead time to first-piece samples and lead time to production
  • ATS manages the supplier’s tool build schedule according to the product development plan, including the complete evaluation with the customer of first-piece samples and subsequent modification of tooling
  • Upon the customer’s approval of satisfactory first-piece samples, ATS authorizes the supplier to enter the pilot lot phase of product development or full production if the customer is willing to waive the pilot lot

Payment Terms

  • Pre-order evaluations of samples and drawings are free
  • Pre-order qualification of suppliers is free
  • Quotations are free
  • No services are invoiced until the customer approves the ATS quotation and tooling is ordered
  • Shipments are FOB Asian port
  • Payment in full is requested from the customer’s bank to the specified ATS bank within two weeks after shipment
  • Proprietary tooling remains the exclusive property of the customer for which payment is required 50% upon order placement and 50% at the time the customer’s first-piece samples are approved

Why Choose Asia Tech Source

  • Because we are selling much more than products from Asia
  • ATS is principally selling trust, contacts and experience
  • Trust that your products will not be counterfeited
  • Contacts gained from working with over 400 suppliers in 12 Asian countries over 28 years
  • Experience in procurement work, specifically in metallurgy and plastics and the tooling required to forge, cast, stamp, mold, form, heat-treat, plate, coat, fasten, assemble, and package
  • Experience with freight forwarders and customs brokers able to handle your shipment from the Asian factory to your back door