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Experienced Subject Matter Professionals

  • Nine graduate mechanical engineers with over 90 years of hands-on experience
  • Two product designers using Auto-Cad, Pro-E, and Solidworks.

Pre-Order Factory Surveys to Ensure the Best Fit

  • Complete factory qualifications including process, equipment, management, safety, labor law compliance, clean air and water compliance, and quality controls are in place
  • Understanding of and adherence to the customer’s specifications for function, dimensions, metallurgy, polymers, hardness, plating, appearance, Pantone color and packaging

Production Oversight

  • Assurance of quality control over incoming raw materials, sub-contracted parts, and packaging
  • Oversight of the customer’s in-process order from start to finish to assure timely processing and to minimize rejects, rework and delays
  • Full military standard random sampling inspection performed to the customer’s specifications after the order is complete and packaged
  • Analysis of root causes and management of immediate corrective action when the customer’s order is rejected by our engineer/inspector