Asia Tech Source (ATS) is an engineered parts and finished goods sourcing and manufacturing company that has been helping clients manufacture goods in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam for over 30 years – boosting profits and reducing costs.

ATS has unlocked the mysteries of foreign cultures, languages, time zone differences, and local trade customs, creating significant manufacturing savings over domestically produced goods – while maintaining or improving delivery expectations. ATS handles all the logistics such as finding the right factory, negotiating prices, overseeing the tooling and factory production, and performing a rigorous U.S. Military Standard 105E inspection before goods are released from the factory. Customers pay nothing until the product is on board the ocean vessel or airplane after it has been inspected, approved and processed through overseas customs.

The critical difference between Asia Tech Source and other trading companies or importers is its on-site attention to every detail of quality in engineered designs, first prototypes, first off-tool samples, pilot production runs, and on-going production orders. When the end customer receives and unpacks their shipment, there will not be surprises from sudden changes in the appearance, form, fit, or function of the parts in the production order vs. the last approved sample units. Shipments are guaranteed and backed by Asia Tech Source’s many years of experience shipping tens of thousands of containers of quality tools and hardware to businesses in North America, Europe and the U.K., Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Our track record on customer complaints is 0.12% of total containers shipped.


Gerry Cooper, Chairman

Gerry founded Asia Tech Source in 2001 after a 35-year career at The Stanley Works (now Stanley Black & Decker) retiring as their Vice President of Asian Procurement. Building on his established relationships with 400+ factory sources in 12 Asian countries from Japan to India. Gerry brought with him an exceptional sourcing and manufacturing team and experience base in China and Taiwan in both producing and procuring finished products, raw materials, and OEM parts. Gerry has a demonstrated track record of achieving cost removal and outstanding product quality results. Having lived in Asia for 19 years, Gerry currently resides in Washington DC.

Dan Cooper, President

Dan joined Asia Tech Source as Vice President in 2009 after a 16-year career in Asia working at Stanley Tools, American Tool (now Irwin), and Cooper Tools (now Apex Tool Group).  Through his employment at these three companies, Dan gained strong relationships with both suppliers and customers and gained valuable experience in product design.   Dan’s more than 30-years living in Asia combined with his work experience and Chinese fluency have served him well as the current President of Asia Tech Source. Those who know Dan will attest to his superior leadership skills, tireless working style, and unquestioned integrity. Dan currently resides in Taipei.

Leo Shih, GM Sourcing

Leo joined Asia Tech Source as Sales Manager in 2008 after a 13-year career in Taiwan working at Toshiba’s Taiwan procurement office, at Artec, the Taiwan-based maker of SONY and TEAC DVD drives, and at Kiito Design, a Taiwan design house sourcing merchandisers for name brand customers such as Phillip Morris, Johnnie Walker and Estee Lauder. Leo’s strong Asian sourcing experience combined with his fluency in Mandarin, Japanese and English have served him well as the current General Manager of Sourcing at Asia Tech Source. Leo currently resides in Taipei.

Mike Yuan, GM Manufacturing

Mike joined Asia Tech Source as Sourcing Engineer in 2003 after a 10-year career in China working as a Procurement Engineer at The Stanley Works and previously as Engineer at Nanchang Gear Factory. Mike has a Masters degree in Metallurgy from the prestigious Jiao Tong University. His strong Asian sourcing experience combined with his fluency in English and Mandarin have served him well as the current General Manager of our injection molding and assembly factory in Changzhou, two hours west of Shanghai. Mike currently resides in Changzhou.

Roni Schmidt, Sales Director

Roni joined Asia Tech Source as Sales Director, Americas in 2014 after a 7-year career in the U.S. working as a Sales Advisor at Tri-Star Metals and previously as a Sales Manager at State Farm Insurance. Roni has a Bachelor of Science degree from Westmont College in California. His strong sales experience combined with his fluency in Spanish has helped him service customers in North, Central, and South America. Roni currently resides in South Carolina.